In 2010, there were 57,300 admissions into alcohol and drug rehabs in Pennsylvania. Of that number, 68.6% were men and 31.4% were women.

Substance abuse

In March of 2010, Pennsylvania had 533 substance abuse treatment facilities. Of that number 328 were private non-profit and 184 were private for profit.

Alcohol related deaths

According to the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation's Five-Year Trend in 2010, 459 alcohol related deaths occurred. In comparison, there were 12,712 alcohol related crashes. There were 10,501 drunk drivers involved in motor vehicle crashes.

alarming numbers

35% of all traffic deaths were alcohol related. 72% of drinking drivers during 2010 were male. Of the 80 automobile passenger deaths in 2010, 65 were passengers with drinking drivers.


Heuer House has formulated its policies and procedures to ensure a safe, comfortable environment for all residents. Group living can pose challenges under the best of circumstances. The goal is to provide clear defined guidelines for all residents.

behavioral standards

Behaviors for the program include: abstinence from drug and alcohol use. Residents must attend daily 12 Step meetings. Residents must also participate in productive activity.

planning and scheduling

Residents are to plan their time accordingly. Residents are to upkeep their rooms/homes. Residents are to attend weekly Heuer House community meetings and support groups.


Heuer House staff consist of an Executive Director, Program Director, and 6 House Managers. Residents are required to attend a weekly house meeting. All residents are subject to peer-based accountability.

tempOrary housing admission criteria

Residents are to be 18 years of age or older. They are to have a referral from Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center or Agency. They are to abstain from drug and alcohol use. They are to commit to a minimum of three months at Heuer House.

program requirements

Residents are to adhere to the continuing care plan. They are to adhere to the behavioral standards of the Heuer House community.


Residents must agree to frequent, random drug and alcohol screening. Residents must also attend all Heuer House group activities and community meetings.


Tenants are to be abstinent from drug and alcohol use. Tenants are to attend daily 12 step meetings. They are to participate in productive activity. Tenants are to provide weekly planning and scheduling. They are to maintain and upkeep their rooms. Tenants will have accountability to counselors and peers for whereabouts. They are to utilize referred outpatient therapy services.


We are an organization built on helping others restore their lives organically.

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Our services include individual and group counseling, trauma recovery and group activities.

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Our venue includes a thrift shop to help bounce back and a cafe to provide quality meals.

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Create with the heart, build with the mind.

Heuer House is built on helping individuals re-establish themselves from within, ensuring that their road to recovery is sustainable with their new found future.

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Heuer House has an organic approach to helping its clients flourish in their new lives.

Dwayne Tabb

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What an amazing team Heuer House has. They're doing amazing things over there!

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Heuer House paved the way to a new and better life for myself. I couldn't be happier of where I am now.



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